Video quality degraded since firmware update

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, if it has I can’t find it.  Since the latest upgrade I’ve found that the video quality of quite a few of my movies - in different formats (.avi, mpeg2) has degraded considerably.  The avi files,  while not great quality are showing large blocky artifacts and the mpeg2 files show interlaced combing that wasnt’t present earlier.  Is anyone else having any similar issues? Both file types play clearly and cleanly on computer.

i don’t want to roll back the firmware because the shuffle setting we’ve been asking for for so long has finally appeared.

another issue which has bugged me for ages that I’d like to know if I’m alone in experiencing is issues with fast forwarding and rewinding through movies.  Either of these two actions cause crashes at times or seem to be working but on pressing play return me to the point I started FF or RW from.

any help on these issues will be appreciated.

I’ve not seen a change in video qualtiy on anything…

I’ve *ALWAYS* seen, since Day 1, that interlaced content will comb. 

That’s why when I rip my vids, I always run them through a decombing filter.  Been doing it that way for years.