Using WD MyCloud Mirror as JBOD

Hi community

If my WD MyCloud Mirror is configured as JBOD, how can I see the free capacity of each disk?

With the current firmware I don’t think you can, only the combined free space total on the dashboard homepage.

You can see the capacity of each drive if you dig down a bit, but not the free/used space specifically. It’s something I would like too, as that’s how I run my Mirror.

I guess depending on how you’ve got things set up and what is stored where you may be able to make an estimate from the filesizes reported to your computer (if you make a sum-total via Windows Explorer or Finder for example) or perhaps from the breakdown by filetype of the used space that the Mirror’s dashboard offers, but both are awkward work-arounds I would say.

Sounds like something that would be a good candidate for the suggestion area of this forum - I’ll go make a post.

One way to see free capacity of each disk is to login via SSH and run the command ‘df -h’ (without quotes).

Request link for this to be added to the dashboard for the Mirror (and probably the Duo too) is below:

For those who may find it useful (those using the disks in JBOD mode) please give it a vote (the up-arrow in the upper left of the linked post).