Individual drive free space read-out for multi-bay devices

Could we have a way via the Dashboard of getting free space per drive on multiple disk products like the MyCloud Mirror when run in JBOD mode?

At the moment I have mine set up in this way, but all I have available (at least without going in via SSH and using the command line) is the sum total free space available across both drives. As in JBOD mode I’m using the drives individually rather than mirroring one another, it would be better to be able to break it down and know when they are individually coming close to being full.


It would be nice to have this infomation on the dashbord.

Currently I have to mount a share from each drive to be able to see this in My Computer; it really would make sense to have it available through at least one of the interfaces (I use the onboard GUI through a browser, not the dashboard application).