Using WD easyshare without software

I’m posting hoping to get quick help.
I just bought a 2TB easydrive to move some files since my work laptop (macbook) is running out of space. Unfortunately, I do not have a root password so I cannot install anything.
Is there a way to just use this hard-drive dragging and dropping files?

Thanks for your hel,

I found a solution.
I’m posting just in case someone is looking for the same question.
I ended up formatting the easyshare using disk utility.
I erased the entire disk. The first time it gave me an error and it wouldn’t mount.
But I tried a couple of times and finally, it worked.
Hope this may help.

The drive was probably formatted with the NTFS file system from the factory, which only works on Windows. I believe Mac users are required to reformat the drive with a Mac compatible file system before they can use it.