EasyStore shared between MAC and PC

New to WD easystore and working on a project with someone who uses a MAC (it’s their drive). I need to pull files off it to utilize in our project, but can’t get my PC to recognize the drive. I’ve downloaded the Discovery and Utilities software, but still no go. Suggestions please? It’s driving me crazy! Thanks.

Hi Sue_Arizona,

MacOS supports HFS+ file format which is not supported by Windows OS. It is recommended to use exFAT file format which has R/W access on both Windows as well as on macOS.

Get HFS+ filesystem support for Window. https://www.paragon-software.com/us/home/hfs-windows/
There should be free software some on there internet. Like Brandon states, format the drive as NTFS or Exfat. I think WD let consumer download a free Paragon software for Mac that allow to format the drive is NTFS.