Can't drag and drop to EasyStore WD external hard drive on MAC

I purchased the WD EasyStore personal back up. I was running out of room on my laptop hard drive. I want to move some files to the external drive using drag and drop. I do NOT want to use it to back up my computer. I also want to be able to use the files from the external EasyStore.

I installed the software and then uninstalled it because I don’t want to access mycloud and all that. I ONLY WANT to DRAG and DROP!

Every time I try to drag a file into “Easystore” icon on my desktop it gives me the circle with the line through it - no deal, won’t take it. Nothing happens.

How do I get files onto there? Also how do I change the file name from Easy Store to something I want to name it that shows what’s on there

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Did you ever get an answer to this? I am having the same issue. Seems a shame nobody from WD has answered this after all this time.

I’ve had the same problem
Make sure the drive isn’t being used in any other applications before doing this or it will not work.

So basically you want to search on your mac “Disk utility “ and click it
Once that comes up, click easystore on the left hand side
***Before doing anything else, make sure if you have anything on the drive you want to keep you have it backed up somewhere because in order to complete this process your going to have to erase it ***
Ok so now you want to click “Erase” Located on the top
And click either APFS, or APFS encrypted. (I’ve did both of these options and have been able to drag any file I want onto the drive. I haven’t done anything case sensitive so i cannot confirm or deny if it’s still going to work if you choose that option)
Create your password if you chose too and all that jazz and boom. It’s all set. Start dragging anything you want on the drive!
I’ve only done this for the macbook so I can’t confirm if this is a permanent fix to use on other pcs/macs but all i know is that it works so i hoped this helped!