Using the WD Element for PC and Mac:Possible?

I bought a WD Element to save pictures to share with my family. I keep them on a Mac. I understand I have to format the drive for the Mac. If I do this, will my brother be able to see the pictures on his PC?

Format the drive to ExFAT. This is a format that has been commonly accepted by Mac, PC, and Linux for at least the last decade.

You will have to copy the images from the drive beforehand but these will be available to both after reformatting to ExFAT and copying them back onto the drive.

Thanks for your reply. I formatted the Elements Drive to ExFat and then selected all from my photos. I dragged them onto the drive and they copied. I checked them on the Mac and they are there. I hooked it up to my PC and they won’t open. What did I do wrong? I’m not sure what your second paragraph means in terms of steps to take. Thanks for taking the time to help me.