Was formatted mac now windows

my elements was formatted for mac and had my material on it.  It accidently got formatted for windows and no more material.  Can I get it back to mac with all my material?



I haven’t done anything with it since the mishap.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

On this case once you format a drive this will erase all the data from the drive. On this case i would recommend trying use a data recovery software since the drive is still accessible, lets see if another use can help out with some tips and information that might be helpful for you.

I also recommend contacting a data recovery company.Here is a link to some Data recovery partners, some of the partners have free evaluation as well in case you want to use one of the data recovery partner:

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Good info.    Told me everything I need to know thanks.  Food for thought when you buy a HD name it something other than it’s name.  I bought another elements HD and I confused the two I think.  Not really sure what happened but that may have been it.