Using SmartTV to play video from WDTV

I am able to see the WDTV on my Samsung SmartTV. The WDTV will show pictures shot on my digital camera, but will not play video shot on my Sony handicam. It says the format is not supported. Is it due to the file extension? And if so is that an easy fix? The file extension is M2TS File (.m2ts). Thank you for any suggestions.


Check page #219 of the User’s manual for Supported file formats.

WD TV supports/ plays .m2ts just fine (and is supported with specifc Codecs as Hamlet suggested reading then User Manual)

It’s most probably the Sony Handicam format that’s at fault

Post a Mediinfo output log … and i (or someone else) can maybe give you a reason why the Sony created files don’t play

if you wanna try a “quickfix” try MKVMerge and Remux to MKV