Using Passport Elite as extra storage

I bought a Passport Elite for my Mac and set it up, but it won’t allow me to just use it as a hard drive. It only seems to want to allow me to back up files through that SmartWare program. I don’t want to use it as a back up; I want to just store files on it that take up space on my computer. I tried just moving files over but it tells me “My Passport cannot be modified”.

Is there a way I can just use this as storage for extra files and not as a back up?

If you just wanted to use it as external drive.

Do not  install any software came with it.

If you have, just uninstall it.

Make sure to restart the computer after that.

So you can use it as external drive.

Ok. I just tried that, but now it does not show up in my desktop. Only the SmartWare Virtual CD does.

Nevermind. I found out how to format it. Thanks.

What did you do?  I am having the same problem but can’t figure out what to do.