Needing further instructions!

Ok, I have my new passport for Mac set up, partitioned and has backed up my files.  I’m a little nervous though to delete off my computer’s hard drive because it says it will automatically back up my files when my comp’s gone idle.  Does this mean it will automatically sync to the soon-to-be non-existent music library and I won’t have my music anymore?  I know this is probably pretty basic knowledge but to someone who hasn’t had an external hard drive its not.  Is there a way to turn off auto-sync so my external hard-drive is more like a key drive (something I have plenty experience working with- very simple device).   Any input will be appreciated, thanks!

Hi there!! Just don’t use any software and you’ll be able to drag files at will to the Passport icon on your desktop (If you installed Smartware, you can uninstall it by sending it to the trash can from the applications folder).

On the other hand… If the Passport fails then you’ll lose all that music, so try to keep a backup on another place, such as another external drive or DVDs (You don’t have a “backup” if the files are nor on 2 separate places)