Basic question: back up vs external drive use


I have purchased a Western Digital My Passport for Mac 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

I am having trouble about this backup drive-or backups in general: i just want it to be a true external drive- NOT a backup constantly drive. I have carbonite, and this is truly just to give me more space.

Does anyone have experience with this- I want to go into this drive and be able to find my photos and movies easily- flipshare included- and when I picture using these drives, i picture it being just data, and difficult to find.

so basically my questions are:

  1. can this be used as an external drive and NOT backup (and I delete the files off my computer)

2 when they are on this drive, can I see teh pictures/videos in the flipshare or ipphoto format?

  1. Yes, you can use it as external drive and you be the driver.

You can manually copy and paste files to the drive as you wish.

FYI: Do not install any software came with it.

  1. Yes, you should be able to see and share the drive or folder or just a file, it is up to you.


thank you- does anyone have experience in getting this to look like my computer? do I have to install iphoto or flip video?



This is the exact problem I’m having.  I just purchased the passport and I want to use it as an external harddrive.  I plugged it in, and I installed the software, not realizing it wouldn’t let you do anything manually. 

This may be a dummy question, but how can I reverse this?  Do I simply uninstall the Smartware software?  If I plug in the Passport, it pops up immediately as the Smartware CD right now, and not a flexible external harddrive.  Thank you!