Using My Passport on new MacBook Pro


I’ve been using  a 1 TB “My Passport for Mac” for the last couple of years with my “late 2011” MacBook Pro. It connects via USB. Has worked fine with Mavericks and previous OS’s.

Now I’ve purchased a new, “late 2013” MacBook Pro, migrated all my data to it, and installed Yosemite.


  • Can I use my same “My Passsport…” to back up the new Mac, retaining the data from the old Mac? (I have plenty of room left on the drive.)

  • If so, will the disc automatically recognize my new Mac and create a new initial backup?

  • Can I get a USB-Thunderbolt adapter and back up faster using that?

Any advice appreciated.

Hi Artanis1, your old Passport should work fine on the new Mac. Adapters are not supported, but I can tell you that the transfer rate won’t increase if you use a Thunderbolt adapter. 

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