Using Filezilla and it automaticly goes to PASSIVE MODE

What i have learned is that passive mode is not good, because your IP/LOGIN/PSWD is flying in clear text over the internet.

and in the StatusLOG in filezilla during startup of the conection to MBL it says:

227 Entering Passive Mode

why is that?

is that safe?

can i change it and how?

Hi robbinb, maybe some of the other users can offer some help, but I think you will have better luck on the Filezilla forums.

Plain FTP protocol is unsecure. Makes no difference if it is Passive vs Active.

Now, there are other options, however, most for advance users though:

SSL options for FTP:

Other advance options as well: SCP/SFTP which work over SSH.

Do some searches on this forum, as others have mentioned it before.