USB mount points changing

People have been complaining about USB mount points changing. I’ve noticed on my system with firmware 04.04.02-105 that the mount point is incrementing by 1 under some unknown condition. What I’ve found so far is the the name that is stored in the autoMount.db never changes. It stays VERBATIM. No new entries are created in the database. But if you look at /etc/samba/overall_share. You will see multiple share entries for VERBATIM. On my system there is an entry for VERBATIM_2 thru VERBATIM_6. The current mount point is /nfs/VERBATIM_6 and /var/mediaVERBATIM_6. For some reason it is making a new share and adding it to the overall_share file.


Hi, yeah this a commonly known issue, please see all the threads regarding Safepoint not working as most of them are because of this.

The worst part is though that everytime it remounts the new image is added and shared publically, this is therefore also a security risk that WD should fix ASAP!

Its a goofy problem. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t when I mount a USB drive. Like the previous poster indicated it is the “_x” numbering being appended to the mount/share name that is causing the Safepoint to fail. The workaround to this safepoint failing issue was mentioned in the following thread.

When the createshare is done. The entry to the overall_share has ## BEGIN sharename and ## END around the changes made to the overall_share file. When the deleteshare is done it is supposed to delete the entry using the ## BEGIN sharename, ## END. But on my overall_share there is no ## BEGIN or ## END around any of the added entries.