Uploading photos to Google Drive

Is it possible to upload photos from WD My Passport Wireless to Google Drive using a Samsung Tablet.  I’ve connected Google Drive to the My Passport but when I select the photos and then try to copy them accross nothing seems to be happening - but when I check on Activity it says that something is in progress (not sure what) but it is very slow.  

I want to be able to travel overseas with just the drive and my tablet and be able to transfer photos without connecting to a computer.  So far, it’s not working for me.


 I tried this to see if I get any issues and I was able to transfer a few files to google drive from the passport using an android device.

In my case I was using a Xperia phone.

Are you able to test that using a different device?

Thanks you for your reply.  I’ve now had success in uploading four files from both my tab and my phone - but it is quite slow.  I now see that this was my previous problem - I wasn’t waiting long enough for the files to completely upload.

Given the length of time it would take to bulk load, I’m thinking that the best time to do it would be overnight - do you think it would be ok to use the drive plugged in to a wall socket whilst doing this, or would this not be good for the battery? 

You can’t hurt a lithium battery. i have kept a 2005 iPod puigged into charger 24/7 with no problems, as well as a newer iPod, numerous laptop PCs, a Seagate wireless drive and of course, my MPW.  Whenever I need these gadgets they are always fully charged.  It’s the charging/discharging that shortens their battery life, but the less they discharge the better for them I have found.