WD My wireless passport and Flickr cloud service integration

Can you guys tell me if WD is working on integration with Flickr or any other photo cloud service?  Google drive is there, but it would be awesome to upload all my SLR photos from SD memory card and then have these copied/synchronized to my Flickr account once it connects to wireless connection.

Please, assist with answers thoughts!

Thanks…long time WD customer…JAF275

Never thought about that, but I do know you can have the iOS flickr app to auto-upload the Camera Roll to flickr.

But to upload from the MPW, no idea, but will check into this when home and have the MPW available.

Seems there is no way yet but to use My passport app and transer the images to your iPhone/iPad/other device (slow and manully) and then let the flickr app upload from there. Will probably take forever but one can hope for someone to make an app to do it all in background or find a better way to do it.

Will not work for me anyway as I shoot RAW and always do some minor adjutments on a big screen before uploading.

Perhaps this could work? Link:  http://wappwolf.com/gdriveautomator