My Passport wireless Pro and Google Photos

Hello everyone,

I’m writing from Portugal and please forgive me if my English is not perfect.
I would appreciate some help here after several hours searching for similar problem over the internet and without conclusions.

I use my wireless disk mainly for photography backup.

When I bought the drive I’ve migrated tons of GB from my laptop to wireless drive over USB.
I then passed some photos from my iPad and iPhone to the wireless drive too.

In a general way of speaking I’m pretty happy with my workflow: I shot mainly in JPEG (not raw), I use a sony camera, my iPhone with Moment lens and a dji drone, what I call a perfect field combo after adding the WD wireless pro.

My Problem: I cannot integrate/share with Google Photos APP/Service on iOS.

1 - I cannot have access to google photos app on iOS trough the “share” option for upload
2 - I cannot upload from Google Photos IOS App because it doesn’t “recognize” the WD wireless drive (just the photos stored locally in iPad or iPhone)
3 - I cannot add Google Photos service on WD APP because doesn’t exist on the list

I can share with google drive but that does not solve my problem because I would like to have access to the library I already use on Google Photos (and google does not share that on google drive).

I’m I missing something simple here? Anyone with the same problem found a workaround throug a third party APP on iOS?

Thank you so much and regards from Portugal.


There is not any way to integrate/share with Google Photos app/services on iOS with the drive because the drive do not support the google drive due to which you do not get an option to upload the data of the google photos into My Passport Wireless Pro device.