Upgrade My Book Studio Edition 500 GB

Hey guys,

my Studio Edition ( WD5000H1Q-00) is running out of space, so I would like to upgrade the internal hard disk to a 1 TB or preferably a 2 TB drive.

At work I had the chance to test a 1 TB WD (Caviar Black) drive and it was recognized by the storage controller. Unfortunately we didn’t have a 2 TB WD disk available so I tried a 2 TB Seagate drive which wasn’t recognized by the controller. Yeah, I know… :mantongue: But does anybody know if the built-in controller (Oxford OXUF934DSB) is capable of handling a 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green drive without any problems?

By the way, I’ve seen a firmware update on wdc.com (WD_MB_Studio_1034_1_03.dmg). What is it good for? Does it maybe add support for drives larger than 1 TB?

Thank you!


I’d try to check on the manufacturing date of the MBS, if it was done after the firmware update then you already have it… On the other hand, you won’t find a lot of users in here who decided to change the internal drive just like you as it voids the warranty.

But try Google, if the controller is used by other drives then you’ll be able to tell.

Thanks for your reply!

The expiration date at the warranty check website is 2/14/2013 so I’ve tried to update the firmware. Unfortunately the firmware software crashes on my Mac (10.6.7).

The update is to old for your Mac dude, so I think the drive already has it. You’ll have to check on the controller, if the 2TB version has the same controller, it should give you a clue.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have successfully tested both the WD10EARS and WD20EARS on the Oxford OXUF934DSB controller.

I’m about to upgrade my Studio Edition II 1TB (WD10000H2Q) and the labels says Use WD GreenPower drives only.

So I assume WD20EARS, WD20EARX or WD30EZRX would be just fine, and I suspect these models are in the 4 TB or 6 TB Studio Editions right? 

But will it accept two Caviar Black drives? (WD2002FAEX)

Would it be too warm?

I have the same MyBook Studio Edition with a 500gb. (It seemed like a large drive not too long ago!) How did you open the drive case? It looks like plastic tabs hold the case cover to the mounted components inside. I’m hesitant to apply any force, because that type of plastic case can be easily cracked. There are no visible screws holding it together.

Hi linwil,

I wouldn’t use Caviar Black drives because they will be definitely warmer than the Green ones.

Hi Brian630,

take a look at  this website, where you can also find a video.


How did it go for you? I too have a WD10000H2Q and I was able to upgrad the drives to 1.5TB Caviar Green 64MB. I of course realized that while it worked, the drive was only 2TB total (not 3TB). That is most likely due to having an old firmware (1007). But I have had absolutely no luck in upgrading my “drive” to the new firmware (1015).

What was your experience?