1TB My Book Studio II upgrade

I currently have a 1TB My Book Studio II that it set up in RAID1 mode. Does anybody know if the case/housing design or RAID card in the new 4TB version is any different to the 1TB model? I was thinking of buying 2x2TB WD Green Cavier drives and installing them into my current MyBook Studio and using the current 2x500GB drives in my pc.



I had the same question but when I found the 4 TB drive offered for US$419 from Beach Audio (others as well) the cost difference between the two 2 TB drives and the overall package w/ enclosure is US$20. With only a $20 delta I simply purchased the 4 TB offering and didn’t bother to resolve the question.

That said the manual for the 4 TB drive suggests that any WD green drive can be used the enclosure.

Don’t quote me, but as long as they are both 1. WD brand, 2. exactly same model, 3. relatively new drives (green etc) should work.

Good luck.

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I just installed 2 2 TB WD Caviar Green drives in my original 1 TB My Book Studio Edition II, and it worked like a charm, with automatic RAID 1 restore. However, my problem is that currently the extra space is not available - I posted a separate thread on this.

But I can confirm that you can install bigger WD Caviar Green disks in a My Book Studio Edition II and it should work.

Cheers --Mike