Considering upgrading Hdds in my studio edition ii

But I have 2 questions. First, my wd my book studio edition ii external harddrive has 2 tb capacity originally. (2x1tb). So will it accept 2x2tb hdds? I do not want to buy two harddrives and see only the same 2 tb capacity because of some firmware limitation.

And secondly, where can i find the list of compatible harddrives for the product? I know they should be WD green drives. But should not I be seeing a list of drive model numbers that are conpatible withthe product?

I tried that and it was my mistake because the firmware on this drive does not support 4TB. 

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Hello. Thanks for your reply. I wanted to know when you tried that. Maybe a firmware update since you tried that changed the disk to enable that upgrade?

Unfortunately for us, there is not a Firmware that would make this drive support larger drives, it would only accept the same exact models that it was bundled with. 

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I want to do exactly the same thing.

If you search for “upgrade studio ii”, you’ll find some posts of people who were not able to do the upgrade, but also many posts of people who did it successfully. I think I’ll take a chance. Any Caviar Green model should work.


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