MyBook Studio Edition II - DRIVE REPLACEMENT


Im going to upgrade the current drives in the mybook with 2x 2TB caviar greens (right now i have 2x 1TB)

i have it setup in raid0 and want to copy my data over somehow.

if i replace one drive with a new one, will the old one just copy

everything over to the new one?

and then i can just replace the second one, and it will

clone that and carry on in raid0 again.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this (you can do so either by phone or email).  As far as I understand it, you can NOT upgrade those drives with larger drives, or do what you are attempting to do.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


well its advertised for this mybook that you can hot-swap out the drives

if something goes wrong etc. the acutal cage of the device can be popped 

open and the drives easily removed. its advertised by wd too

hey! Did you succeed replacing the drives by larger ones?

I would like to know too if anyone was able to update a My Book Studio II with larger drives.

I contacted support and they told me you can only change a drive with one of the same capacity but I wanted to check here too.

Certainly it’s a bummer cause I was convinced when I bought the drive that you could upgrade the system with larger drives and apparently I was not the only one.

I don’t understand what prevents larger drives to work.

Any feedback from anyone?


Those external cases have firmware written for specific types of drives.

Thanks Bill S,

Can’t the firmware be updated with the larger drives version?

Thank you

I doubt it will ever be done for existing drives.