Updating to new theme

After extracting the theme files from the rar and putting the folder into a usb drive I transferred it to the hub but the theme didn’t update.  How exactly do I go from one theme to another via the files being on a USB drive?  Thanks.

Make sure you extract into:



Z:.wd_tv\theme\Concept X (1.01.01)

Then on the hub use remote and click on Setup. Go to Appearance and I believe themes. select the theme you loaded and a sample comes up, click APPLY

I don’t think you can do it from a usb drive. You have to enable hidden folders on your computer and access the hub from the network.

 That seems odd though that you cant update via the convenience of a USB drive.  I wonder why that isn’t an option. 

I wouldnt bother asking WD in the ‘ideas’ forum… it’s already been asked…


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by Laurentiu on 02-05-2011 12:58 PM

update theme with memory stick
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To use user generated theme which are not published on the WD Theme server needs to be loaded thru network share. For instruction, pls follow this doc. http://wdtvlive.com/pdfs/How_to_copy_and_test_theme_in_WDTVLiveHub.pdf

P.S. The link in their reply no longer exists.