Installing theme in WD TV LIVE HUB via Flash Drive!

Dear All,

I am new to this community and I have been reading the discussions in the forum. I bought the TV Live Hub few days back and I havn’t created a network setup. I have been watching movies using a flash drive. I also found that the user interface can be customised by changing the themes which needs to be installed.

I just want to know this. Can I install new themes in the HUB using a flash drive?

Thanks in advance.

thumbdrive, yes, but will require some hacking

on the other hand this is the live hub forum

just put the theme on the internal drive the way WD intended

Thinks thats his problem though.

Don’t you need to see the hidden folder .wdtv via a PC and network to get the Themes there in the first place.

ah, I had read over the network piece

you need a network connection to do any changing of theme’s