How to create a theme


The official page for Hub themes can be viewed here:

There’s a sample theme to download and some more info on creating and uploading your own themes.

However, there’s no software to assist you, nor any step-by-step guides. You kinda have to just jump in and work out what’s going on. If you get stuck on something specific, create a thread asking about it. Over time we might be able to build up a FAQ or community guide.

If you need a editor to create icons, backgrouds, etc. and you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, you can download GIMP which is free.

Possible dumb question but if I read the HOW TO on themese correctly you can connect our WD Hub directly to your Computer (I assume via standard USB to USB cable as oppossedto USB to Mini/Micro USB which is common with many smart phones) and just copy files to the Hub. At least you can to setup the theme.

QUESTION: Anyone know if its

  1. Possible to copy media content to the HUB via the direct connection to a computer

2 Is it OK to do this as a method to get large quantities of media onto the HUb?   Just because you CAN do something thatdoesn;t mean you should.

I believe some people have connected directly using a ethernet crossover cable, not really sure about using USB.  I believe though it may mean connecting to it as a mapped drive on your PC, but I’m not really sure which part of the HOW TO you are refering.

Just wanted to let everyone know that connecting the Hub to me LAN (via regular network cable aka CAT5e) and copying files to it from my USB drives which I have connected to my laptop is not only doable but a very efficient way to copy large amounts of data to the HUB. For example I will have my hub 3/4 full by the time I finish moving all my files from my USB drives and I could not begin to imagine doing it via the HUBS built in features (aka using copy and paste). Couple of things to be aware of: 1) DO NOT try to copy all your files in one action, in one copy and paste execution unless you have but a few items to copy. Should something go wrong its not only problematic (at best) to figure out what copied and what didn’t copy properly but you could damage a file. The actual amount may vary from setup to setup but I copy no more then 20-25GB’s worth of data at a time. Regardless of how HiDef your movies are this is a large enough file size to copy any one 1080p (non-compressed) movie file. 2) This allows you to more easily compare whats on the hub and what is on your system to copy to the hub because you can open multiple instances of Windows Explorer and list them side by side.