Unrar firmware 4?

Hi experts,

I was wondering if someone has found a way to install urnar on the firmware 4.

I have almost everything configured! :smiley:


everything configured as in what? 

have you been able to get btsync to work?

No sorry I meant my personal config (couchpotato,sickrage and transmission).:flushed:

In  this post user mauromol claims to have compiled a working unrar. I would message him.

Note 3rd party apps are not supported by WD. But here you go, download from my dropbox, unrar patched for V4 firmware 64K page size memory.


Thanks a lot Nazar78, sorry if I haven´t replied before but I bricked my cloud and I was trying to recover all my data! I´m now recovering the data so I hope to be able to install it tomorrow.

THANKS! :smiley:

Nazar78  can you re-up unrar patched :slight_smile:

You can use my repo:

echo "deb http://anionix.ddns.net wheezy-64k main" > /etc/apt/sources.list

* Also avalable unrar-free, p7zip + p7zip-rar, unzip and many other software! 

This repo only for v4 firmware!

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