Unlock WD Passport 500gb drive

I have been using this drive for years. I have not setup a password access and have never been asked to do so. I transferred 2 files to the drive and then it disappeared. It was in the folder and I clicked it and it asked for the password to unlock the drive. No one else has used this drive. It has never asked for a password. I have never entered a password. How can I get into this drive and get the files on it? I do not have a password for this drive. I have never used a password to access the drive. WD Drive Utilities and WD Security do not help since I do not have the password. Erasing the drive is not an option. I have all my pictures on this drive from my childhood to current pictures. There must be some way to get the files on this drive. I need a real solution for this problem. Why is the drrive asking for a password now? It has never asked for a password and I have had this drive for years.

Hello SteveJ1,

If the WD Passport is locked with WD Security, there is no way to retrieve password or unlock the drive when the password is not known. You may try to contact for data recovery companies to recover important data.

However, if you had used this drive on other computer previously then you should try to access data by connecting it to your previously used computer. It might be configured with Auto Unlock feature on same computer.