Undo Auto-Unlock For "This PC"


I want to reverse the auto unlock feature I’ve previously set-up. I want the password to always be needed. .

I am given no option when the page pops up when I click on Unlocker. I tried to run WDSecuritySetup, but the only option is Uninstall. Tried that anyway, but when re-installed there was no option to undo auto-unlock.

What can I do?


You can follow the below steps to disable the Auto Unlock feature from the drive:

  • Open WD Security and click on the My Passport drive icon
  • Select the “Change Password” option and uncheck the “Enable the Auto Unlock for this computer” option
  • type the current password in the “Current password Box”
  • type the new password and select “Remove Password”
  • click “Update Security Settings”