Undo Auto-Unlock For This PC

I want to reverse the auto unlock. I am given no option when the page pops up when I click on Unlocker. I tried to run WDSecuritySetup, but the only option is Uninstall. Tried that anyway, but when re-installed there was no option to undo auto-unlock.

What can I do?

Hi hatflyer,

When you try to change you password there might be a option to unchecked Auto unlock feature.
Refer the link provided below to get some help:

I decided to wipe the drive.But, that WD Unlocker drive is still there. And when I run Unlocker, (security) it seems to still require a past password. I tried to remove security and re-install, but it still seems dependent on a past password. I want to start from scratch. How do i remove any password linkage from before wiping the drive?