Unbricking 4tb MyCloud

I have a 4tb MyCloud I recently retrieved data from for a client. I had to format the drive to NTFS to get to the data and now I need to find a 4tb image to unbrick it and return it to its original state.

Has anybody any idea where I can find a 4tb MyCloud image?

I’m not entirely sure how reformatting an ext4 disk to NTFS would help recover data, but…

Here are the two threads I’ve been hanging on to for unbricking.

Fox_exe here:


Or cnlinya here:


I don’t think it’s necessary to have the exact size image: most of the guides discuss resizing once you have the device booting.

If you re-formatted the drive, how were you able to retrieve the data?
I recently bricked my 4TB cloud. I succeeded in extracting the drive from its case and connected to my laptop, BUT it wants to format it in order for the drive to be used. I don’t want to lose the data on it ( unless it’s my last resort… don’t trust windows ever since it only re-formatted 32GB of my 256 GB thumbdrive ).

The My Cloud hard drive is formatted in EXT3/EXT4. Windows won’t read the drive UNLESS you use a third party program like Linux File System for Windows by Paragon Software (https://www.paragon-software.com/home/linuxfs-windows/#). Or better just use a Linux Boot Disc (like one from Ubuntu - https://www.ubuntu.com/download) to boot your computer into Linux and from there you can read from the drive to copy the files and then unbrick the drive using one of the various unbricking procedures.