Unable to connect to Network

I have a WDTV Live which I recently performed a restore to factory defaults on.  Since then the box starts up asks me what language I want.  I enter English and it goes and locates my home network.  All good so far…

It then asks for my security pass code, which I enter but it cannot connect to the network and says that maybe I should manually enter the needed ip addresses.  I do this and again it can’t find the network.

From here there are no more options available to me with the on screen menus.

What can I do…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When the assistant comes up after a restart simply abort the process by clicking the right X. You will land on the main page from where you can go to setup > appearance and change language which isn’t necessary in your case because the default is English. However, canceling the assitant will also drop the search for a WIFI network (which still is possble manually).