Unable to connect to network

I have win xp up to the latest service pack update, My WD TV Live is connected via network cable and was doing ok until last week when it starts to stop the movie and give me a message “unable to connect to network …etc”. when this happens I go to youtube and it works perfectly which means the network is ok. I have to turn off the device and turn it on again and try to connect which happen to solve the problem, but I watch for few minuts and the problem occurs again and again … can someone help me here.

Same thing is happening to many many people.

I rang WD today and the only thing they could suggest was power cycling the router or pressing the reset button on the side of the WD TV box.

It has to be some FW issue because internet works perfectly fine for me as well, as you said.

Dear Fraudie, I think I managed to solve the problem, check the thread below:

“Like a lot of people I was unable to see the shared folders residing on my XP (Home) PC despite doing all that seemed to be necessary. The WDTV box would not even ‘find’ my PC from “Network Shares”.
After a lot of fiddling, and faffing I discovered that at some point in the past I had disabled some XP services which the WDTV Live Network Share system needed.
It would appear that if you want to connect your WDTV Live to your PC’s Shared Folders you need to ensure that the services “Network DDE” and “Network DDE DSDM” are not disabled.
To do this: Start Button , Administrative Tools , Services , locate “Network DDE” and ensure that Start Up Type is “Automatic”. If it’s shown as “Disabled”, right click the “Network DDE” entry and use the Properties Tab to set it to “Automatic”.
Then do the same for the “Network DDE DSDM” service.
I then rebooted both the PC and the WDTV Live and everything was fine.
Good luck, and I hope it works for you.”

I quoted the above cause I actually got it from this place:


so far my WD TV live is workink ok