Ultrastar DC HC320, how to deactivate sleepmode?


my HGST HUS728t8tale6I4 always knocks Win 10 down
on first contact, after around 15 seconds it gets working
properly and than without any issues. The disc is only for
backup`s in my desktop, for Windows i have an SSD.

Got lates SATA, Chipset (H270) and Bios drivers, also a connected
8 tb USB-drive has not this problem. There are 2 NAS attached
to my desktop, somehow they also start to chatter when i try to
copy to the DC HC320 in “sleeping” mode.

The DC H320, after “wakeup”, is working fine, as long as i don`t stay
to long (30 minutes) away from it.

It may be just another Windows 10 problem, but somehow i think
its the normal spindown from the disc. I am not an IT-professional,
how i can i safe deactivate the “sleeping” mode?



i found out and use now a freeware from 2007, called hdparm. It works with the Ultrastar, the
delays are gone.