WD Blue wakeup from standby mode

The HD (WD10JPVX - WD Blue?) on my new notebook Asus Aspire V3 falls asleep after being idle for ~3-6 seconds.

But it takes another 3 (three!) seconds for it to wake up from standby. That is faaar too long. A normal working with this feature is very cumbersome.

Is there a solution to disable this feature?

Hi hdamm, welcome to the Community. You can change Windows power settings for the internal drive from the control panel. Click on the link below for more information.


Thank you jubei4 for your answer. But the Microsoft power management works perfectly.

My problem however is related to the hardware of my harddisk itsself. The harddisk falls “asleep”, every some idle seconds while working with e.g. Photoshop or MS-Office. When I choose a different function of MS-Word,  I can hear, that the wakeup is triggered. The wakeup takes some unacceptable 2-3 seconds. Real fluent working is impossible.

WD has a utility named wdidle3.exe which or may not work with your drive.

Otherwise there is idle3ctl:

Another option is quietHDD:

Thank you for those utilities, fzabkar. WD’s wdidle3.exe doesn’t work with my Windows8.1 - seems to be a DOS program? idle3ctl from sourceforge.net is only for Linux. I installed quietHDD without problems. I will let you know about my practical experience.