Two WD My Passport Drives conflict

I have two 3tb My Passport drives. When I connect first drive it is assigned drive letter M by windows 8.1. When I connect the second drive, it is not assigned a drive letter. Same thing happens when I connect the drives in reverse order. That is, 1st connected drive is assigned a drive letter and second one is not assigned a drive letter. The windows computer manager shows no drive letter for the second drive. And it will not let me assign a different drive letter to the second drive.

Note: I have some 2tb My Passport drives that behave as you would expect. Each connects with different drive letters.

How can I make windows recognize both 3tb drives with different drive letters?

After this post I found the solution via more searching. See Post “Multiple passports – signature collision [solved]”

Solution: 1.- If you have administrative rights go to START button, and right click on “COMPUTER” and Select “MANAGE” or find MANAGE on your system. 2.- In this window, select from left side " Disk Management " 3- You will see your drives on the right side. (HERE YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR NOT WORKING DRIVE, ITS APPEAR AS OFFLINE) you may have to look around for it , should I say look down to find it, the drivet may not be on the right it may be below thedisk list, look around and down 5.- right click on “OFFLINE” tag and select “ONLINE” 6.- Good to go…

I’m glad you have been able to discover a solution.