Two problems with EX2 Ultra

I have a problem how to log in to the dashboard remotly its only working in local net but wnem I want to log from another net it doesnt work. Second problem is that I create new user when I want to log on this account by the web said wrong password but in the dashbord the password is turned off and in cloud accesss the user is added. Can you help me.

Hello there,

Regarding remote dashboard, make sure you are accessing the unit with your public IP, regarding the users, try to click on forgot password when you get the error, remember that the password setup for remote access if different from the on that the user has in the dashboard, hope this helps.

Hello I resolve the problem with the user but still have problem with extrnal access tothe dashboard I think that is a port forwarding in my router huawei cpe 593b but i dont know how to do it and I think i must do some settings in my cloud ex2 ultra.