Trouble with WD smartWare

Hi everybody!

Could someone help me here?

I had a problem with my computer and I now need to backup my folders and files  from my external hard disk.
WD smart ware had saved my computer and for the recovery to choices are possible : 

. “at the original emplacement”

. “in a folder of recovered files”
I want to recover all in the orignal emplacement but this choice is not selectionable!

I add a screenshot for a better understanding (it is written in french but you wil understand with the translation I made before!)

Has somebody experienced this situation?

Thank you!


Hi and welcome to the WD community.

The option to restore the files on the same location is only available if the files will be restored to the same PC/OS where the backup was made. You can restore your backup from the Smartware interface, or manually explore the Smartware backup folder “smartware.swstor” and copy your files from there. Follow the link below to see more detailed steps on how to restore your backup using Smartware. 

How to retrieve a backup using WD SmartWare