Please help with using WD SmartWare to recover files

I have My Book hard drive used for backup of my internal hard drives. Two of my internal hard drives were set as RAID and split in two volumes but one the RAID hard drives died and now I’m trying to retrieve the files from the backup to a new hard drive using WD SmartWare with Retrieve Some Files option. All files retrieved fine except the files in one folder with a lot of photos where one file seems to be missing and I don’t know how to find it.
On the Retrieve tab of WD SmartWare when I select the folder with the photos, under the Data to Retrieve, the files are listed as 226,576 but they are listed one less 226,575 in the properties of the retrieved folder. I tried to retrieve the files again several times with the option to skip the already retrieved files but this didn’t help. The files in the backup folder on My Book are listed as 226,785 which is more and, please correct me if I’m wrong, I assume this is because it includes the deleted and version files which are not retrieved.

I will greatly appreciate any help with retrieving the missing file or if possible finding it.

I also would like to know how the “Show older files” and “Show deleted files” options work. When checked, are these files included in the retrieved files when put a check mark on folder level?

I’m using WD SmartWare v. 2.4.12 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

this is a link to a screenshot of WD SmartWare and my folders with highlights about my questions


I recommend you go directly into the backup folder called “WDSmartware.swstor”. This folder is located on the root of your external drive. From here you can browse the files manually and just copy and paste the files you want back to the computer.

Hello Hamlet,
thank you for your reply but the problem is I have a lot of deleted files and versions of edited photos which I don’t want to copy back. On top of that Windows can’t copy and paste files with long file name paths which occurs with files nested in many folders but backup software can do this. I have to copy more than 200,000 files in more than 4000 folders.This is impossible work and the point of using WD SmartWare was to make this easy.

Does anyone knows a reliable backup solution that works?

I will greatly appreciate any help