Restoring files to another computer

I have a Passport SE and use smartware software on a windows xp system.

I am trying to restore my files to a  different disk drive because my  original disk crashed.    When I try to use smartware to retrieve the files, it will not allow me to select the “Original Places” option.  It is grayed out.

How do I restore the files to a different disk drive?



Hi there, what if you select the option to restore into a content folder? It should allow you to select the place to restore the files!

Hope it helps/


I’m having the same problem.

I had to reinstall Windows, I then reinstalled Smartware assuming that I could just backup the files I needed but even though there in 450GB of data it says there is no backup! Isn’t this the exact scenario it was meant for??

I’m assuming the OP has the same problem in that when the Retrieve tab is selected there is no Backup there to retrieve.

Any ideas?

Sorry to hijack Tom, but I’m assuming/hoping you have the same issue?

Wrong reply sorry.