Trouble with Kudos theme

I am currently having a few issues with using Kudos through theme that have only start over the last couple weeks, despite using the theme for a couple years now.

This is one of the moviesheets I have recently created using Thumbgen, which looks perfect. However, the seperate thumbnail images being generated to go along the bottom of the screen are only coming out like this:

As you can see, there is no shiney gloss effect on this image, and this thumbnails are overlapping on the moviesheets, leading to having the gloosed DVD cover poking out from under the unglossed DVD cover. If i delete the seperate unglossed cover, im left with original moviesheet as seen above, but then along the bottom, i am just left with the blue DVD logo. Meanwhile, while i am scrolling through each folder, additional backdrop files are being created on my harddrive for every movie i stop on, which never used to happen.

Im not sure if this is a problem with the theme or thumbgen or WDTV settings…but i would like to fix it as it looks a mess scrolling through with mismatched effects and its getting tedious deleting all the backdrop files every day.

I encounted the same thing … i’ll look into fixing it later today (and i will post the fix in the Kudos Theme Thread)

EDIT:  Done   :smiley:

wow thanks so much. looks great. just one rookie question left…i have downloaded your file, but what do i do with it?

it’s a Theme … you upload it to your WDTV