Kudos theme

I have been using the Kudos a long time now but Thumbgen randomly whipped all settings a couple days ago and now any moviesheet just shows up as a black screen with the dvd cover on the WDTV…no background…no info…just black :S can someone please get in touch with the correct Thumbgen settings as I really dont like the idea of starting all over again with a new theme and redoing over a 1000 movies and tv episodes

The only 2 things i can think of are …

  1. In Thumbgen click “Manage Bundles” and reload it  (assuming you still have the bundle)

  2. More extreme … do a Windows Restore (System Retore) back to a Restore point date before this happened (assuming you’re running Windows)

i have never set up any retore points so the only way i could do that is by returning it to factory settings but i dont have the Kudos file anymore and cant find anywhere to redownload it :confused:

Can someone using KUDOS V4 screenshot their Thumbgen settings so that i can check mine is set up right for the theme? All my old moviesheets still work perfectly…it is just the ones i have made this weekend that are coming up blank

all i have are 2 thumbgen profiles from older versions that may work


just a suggestion … maybe post screenshots of your Thumbgen setup eg. like this user did


should be able to find what the problem is.