Transmission + watch-dir option

Is it possible to configure the watch dir for transmission in this NAS? 

Hello arturoemilio, welcome to the WD Community. I haven’t tried using transmission yet, but let’s see if other users can share their advice. 

Hi Arturo Yes, you can. I done it ! Also, I use a dropbox folder as the watch directory, so I can put files from any computer/device with dropbox and transmission will start download them at my home! Let me know if you want steps-by steps. Regards

Of course! Using WinSCP in ssh mode open folder /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/Transmission/config and edit file settings.json . In this file edit last lines:

 “watch-dir”: “/mnt/HD/HD_a2/Download_folder/Watch_dir”,
    “watch-dir-enabled”: true

This is my configuration of folders, you can choose your own directories.

hello, could you please post steps by steps?

i saw slm_me already posted it something similar, but it’s not related to dropbox folder.


OMG, 4 years later, let me give you the general idea, as I don’t recall the exact steps, sorry.

1.- Setup transmission
2.- Setup dropbox
3.- Create in your dropbox directory a new directory, lets call it “sharedtrans”
4.- In transmission, add “sharedtrans” directory as a “watch directory”, so any torrent file added there will be picked up by transmission and start downloading

5.- If not possible this way, then add “sharedtrans” has a shared folder in your WD, then try step # 4

Now you can add torrents to your dropbox folder “sharedtrans” from any computer !

Good luck !

I have been struggling with these for a couple of weeks then I realized what was wrong.
The config folder is not necessarily in that path:
in my case it’s located here:
to find out where you settings.json is, my advice is:

  1. open Transmissions settings and close it. Transmission will save settings.json
  2. in your ssh shell enter this command:
    transmission-daemon --logfile your-desired-path-for-the-log-file/log.txt
    This command asks Transmission to write down the log in you desired path: if you’re not an ssh ninja my suggest is to choose a path you can reach even via finder/explorer i.e. mnt/HD/HD_a2/Public/log.txt so that you can comfortably open the txt file.
    This way you’ll have to look in your log file for a line like this:
    [13:12:02.339] Saved “/home/root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json” (bencode.c:1738)
    That’s your TRUE settings.json

There you can set watch-dir path and enable watch-dir