Transmission client isn't available

So - - - I find these steps a bit confusing. . .

I take it that the “root@mycloud” lines are commands you entered? Using SSH? I presume everything else are what is spit back by the device?

I take it that you had a FW file (presumably downloaded from WD for manual “update”)

I take it that “loading the webui” is done the normal way? (i.e. type IP address in browser address bar) - - -although this step isn’t actually required aside from verifying safe mode?

Gosh I would NOT want to do this unless I had a backup of the data. . . .
. . . .I am not quite ready to do this yet. :slight_smile: My main data is still on a unit that is staying on O/S3 - - > it’s a smaller second unit that has OS/5 on it that I can play with.(but I don’t have the time to play at this level)

. . . .I wonder if this can be done WITHOUT the drives installed?
. . . .Or if you could do this with dummy (Sacrificial) drive configured as JBOD installed.
. . . I wonder if you can install a “roaming” volume from OS/5 into a OS/3 box?

As an aside. . . I suspect WD will never endorse a downgrade; since they undoubtedly want to eventually shutdown the systems that are providing the OS/3 web access. Which might be unfortunate for those of us who have older OS/3 devices that can’t be upgraded. (I have one of those. . but frankly. . it is not on the web anymore)

Can you please guilde thoroughly or else you may also make a youtube video as tutorial. Its really a kind gesture from your side.
Thanks in advance
Stay blessed

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I think the only thing that matters is
cat /proc/mtd
Which gives mtd3 for image.cfs
And using that
nandwrite /dev/mtd3 rootfs.cfs (which he‘s extracted from thebin)
Then reboot and install old fw
That‘s it, the rest is just a proof that it worked

Hello friend, can you share this with a more detailed video.
Thank you from now.

So, your suspicions, are correct. It is commands entered and output given. It was kinda a quick and nasty, here it is, and this is what you get out of it. The fact that you are changing files on the Flash Memory within the NAS, and not on the drives, I will assume you can do this without the drives attached. I will however upgrade to OS 5, remove the drives, and downgrade again to confirm this.

Your simply changing the data written to the Flash inside the NAS, which is the same software that causes it to boot, regardless of which HDD is installed.

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This is close to correct. the cat /proc/mtd has different output layouts between the 2 different version, mostly due to the busybox/debian difference of OS. So, thats more of a proof of concept as well. The takeaway from the whole thing, and the main thing to be done, is to remove the OS from the internal flash, while leaving the “boot” and “recovery” alone. this is why we would issue the nandwrite to the mtd3. This is where the OS is installed and functions from, at least on the EX2 Ultra/Gen 2 devices. The rootfs image that was written, was simply a file (could be any number of files) that will write to the nand, which is basically doing a mass delete ( rm -rfv / ) of the root partition while leaving the boot files.

Does this destroy the files installed on the Flash Ram? Yes
Does this make it boot into safe mode on reboot? Yes
Does it allow the old firmware to be reinstalled? Yes
Does it allow you to make it back to OS 3? Yes
Does everything function and work as it previously did, before upgrading to OS 5? Yes

Challenge Completed in my book…

as @NAS_user stated, it can be done without drives, it can be done with dummy drives, and when you run thru the initial setup again on OS 3 from OS 5, it will tell you there is a “roaming” volume and import it into the NAS.

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Aha OK

That’s too complicated for me. I hope WD update the firmware as soon as they´ve told me:

The Transmission app is supported on My Cloud OS 5 and is planned to be available with an upcoming OS 5 firmware release very soon.
and when I have asked for he r to be a bit more precise:
we are expecting to release it by the end of this week…but it depends on the app to be ready for the release by the concerned team.

Let’s hope it is like that, guys.


hi, my synology has come today, i’m happy, transmission is working well, i’ll copy all my datas, and return wd tomorrow and it’s finish for me, good luck all .

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You saved me, you deserve the best in your life !!!

hello guys
In the reply wd gave me
win 7 says it doesn’t support OS 5. does any of you have a win 10 operating system but get the same error?


today has been an update, and transmission is there, to install, but in my case it’s not working correctly.

Anyone has also problems?

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Ok Transmission is available but I can’t access to it remotely. Only from WD dashboard. This is useless for me.
You cross the line WD. I return my EX2 to warranty and buy Synology.
I don’t have words to discribe your actions WD.

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when? where? on wich nas? i have WDEX2Ultra and dont have any update or available packet to install … can u give me link to download and install it manually? nas cant find any update, i find it manually on website (firmware Version: Firmware Release 5.05.111 (11/11/2020) ) and download it but i cant install … error code: Code: 1003
from www i have: Firmware file not found. Please try again.

my Current Version 5.04.114

if you accept an advise, do not update if you use the nas for anything else than nfs, or samba, it loses a lot of functionallitys

Transmission will not work remotely unless WD will update to provide Remote dashboard

And locally is also not working

I just order Synology ds220+.
Bye bye WD…


Dears at WD. Could you please confirm availability date of release 5.05.111 for EX2 ultra ? Still not in my dashboard and need to install Transmission. Please confirm.