Transmission app Missing from OS5

After updating from OS3 to OS5 Transmission is no longer available. This needs to be reinstated as I cant reverse the OS update. Add back to apps.


@cjwinty The Transmission app is available in firmware 05.05.111. After updating to 5.05.111, you’ll see the Transmission app in the app store.

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Can confirm, Transmission does show but it is very glitchy and keeps crashing.
Why is WD running Transmission 1.12?!

It is up to version 3.0 on their website but cant find a bin file to update manually?

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@rcast1989 The 1.12 is WD internal versioning, otherwise Transmission App version is 2.94MicrosoftTeams-image (6)

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I now have the Transmission app to use in the GUI.
But what happened to transmission-remote on the CLI?
When I run transmission-remote -l it shows:

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra ~ # transmission-remote -l
transmission-remote: /lib/ no version information available (required by transmission-remote)
Unexpected response:

301: Moved Permanently

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra ~ #

It wasn’t like this for me.
No one else having this issue?