Transfer Rate Slow (With Cable and Wi-Fi sinal)

Hi People,
I having a problem with connection transfer rate inside My Cloud.
I´m transfering some file for another user in the same device (My Cloud), the files are storage inside of the same device too. My rate transfer is maximum 2,7mbps using WI-Fi connection, with cable direct computer and My Cloud, the transfer rate is the same. Note, is transfer inside the same devide, just change de user.

I had read some topics about slow transfer rate, but nothing solved or explained, I understood there some much case like mine.

In Wi-Fi connection, I´m using a cable connection with 100mbps, cable cable cat7, with direct connection with computer and My Cloud, both are Gigabit, but the transfer rate is the same.

The some specific setting to be done in WD Panel?


@wduser2019 Are you saying you are transferring files from one share to another share on the same My Cloud? If yes, have you tried copy and paste? If you want to completely move the file from one share to another share try cut and paste. See if these suggestion help improve the transfer.

See example image below of copy and paste. I would copy the folder in Public and move it to the share Horace or a folder under Horace.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

It´s exactly I´m doing, just copy and past to one share to another share, using the windows explorer in a good computer.

For this reason this is a big doubt, how transfer rate can be so slow in both connection as I explained in the beginner.

Is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit router using a Cat5e network patch cable?
Is one of the locations where you are moving the file/folder to/from on a USB drive attached to the My Cloud?

If you have a mobile device what happens if you use the WD My Cloud mobile app to move or copy the file/folder from one location to another within the My Cloud?

Another way is to log into the My Cloud using SSH (assuming you have enabled SSH in the My Cloud Dashboard) and issue a Linux move command to move files/folders from one location to another. Or use WinSCP ( to access the My Cloud using SSH to move files/folders from one location to another on the My Cloud.

The problem with using Windows (or Mac) when attempting to move a large amount of data is that data may/might be flowing from the My Cloud, through the network to the Windows or Mac computer, then back across the network to the My Cloud.