Torrent from mobile to My ext2ultra

bought this Yesterday.Transmission Is installed and working.Is this a way to launch torrents from a mobile phone directly to the nas?my synology had this feature and 4 apps for the nas…

Hi @Rossy77,

Please refer below to configure Torrent App:

Hope it helps!!

this doesn’t answer to my question.
If I’m out of home …and I want to start a torrent through my mobile…is it possible to do it or not?
transmission works perfectly on local network.

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You have two options - either you forward the port for webinterface (or RPC port if you will use app - 9091 i think? Check your settings) or you set up VPN to which you connect when outside of home (that’s how I do).

I suggest VPN route since it is more secure…

You have to have public IP, not sure if IPv6 will do bc not many carriers support it yet…

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