Titles Disappear


Hope you can help. When I use WDTVLive options menu to delete a movie file from a USB 2 TB hard drive I use to store movies. After the file is deleted for some unknown reason the WDTVLive movie menu drops movies that begin with numbers, letter A and letter B. The movie selection menu begins again with movie files that begin with letter C. I tried a couple of things to try and fix this without success. I tried to turn off then on, ejecting the hard drive, removing the usb cable then connecting the cable again without success. The only thing I found that fixes the movie menu is to eject the hard drive, connect to my laptop, remove a movie file then reinstall the movie to the same hard drive.

Does anybody have the same problem I am having and does anyone know a quick fix for it.

Thank you . .

I remember this happening on all WDTV’s i owned years ago … one of the many reasons i don’t use them now.

(I switched to Raspberry Pi 3/Kodi and have been a so much happier … delete file via options, done. No disappearing files via alphabetical sorting)

On the Discontinued and Obsolete and Un-Supported WDTV’s … various laborious method’s were to … rebuild the Media Library, delete the .wdtv folder (when connected to a PC) or lastly dump the movies in a folder, delete your file, then rename the folder and the WDTV will rescan and pickup the missing movies … or don’t USE the WDTV’s Option Menu “Delete” option … delete the movie with the USB connected to your PC.

WDTV’s were great in their day … i owned them all , but now they are old and clunky and whatever bugs they have … will never be fixed.

Thanks for opinion Joey