Deleted/moved files still showing up in menus (but files not there)

Often I will move files from one folder to another but notice that in some cases, the WDTV menus still show the old file being there (though if you try to open it the WDTV informs you that the file is missing for playback).

It doesnt seem to do it with any kind of consistency either - just with some files. I’ve also checked via my desktop through the NAS to see if there are residual files, but there arent - its just the WDTV that seems to show them.

Anyone noticed this before and know how to fix it?


I haven’t seen this before.

Have you tried resetting the unit? if not, please try that using the reset button on the back of the unit.

Right, thanks.

Will that reset the firmware version etc as well? Or is it more of a reset button?

We had to revert one version of the firmware last year sometime after the WDTV began crashing consistently after 30 mins of watching anything… Anyone know if that issue got fixed or not? My partner did the reverting thing when she read other people had had the same problem (she’s more IT savvy than I am).

You mention there being a reset button on the back of the WD TV live - mine doesnt seem to have a reset button?

Alternately, you can do a Factory Reset via the Setup Menu

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

No reply from you yet after 4 days, so here goes; I’ve posted it before, but you ain’t gonna believe this is the only way we know of so far.’ (link), in a ‘network sharing’ thread (not specifically aimed at WDTV sharing) has the beginning of the solution to this problem, then some other actions that I list here, will be needed afterwards. The result will be that the media library WILL be rebuilt. There will be NO missing files or duplicates, and WDTV’s library will reflect (in real time, as it should), any changes in the library (media source).

Assuming you use either ‘network shares’ or ‘media server shares’ (not usb local disk). And if this doesn’t work for you, the worst that will happen is you will lose up to half an hour. Halfway down in the link, locate where the expert (Richard) says, “Can you do the following please.”

Put in that “0” value in the way Richard describes. (Many things in the link. You don’t need any of those. Especially don’t run chkdsk, you don’t need it and if you start it, it can take hours.

Follow the instruction carefully to put in this “0 value” and it’s is simple enough. What comes next after that, I cannot be concise about, but try it all and you will get the desired result alright. First off, when you switch WDTV back on, you’ll find when you click the tile on the homescreen for your library content (videos), it will say ‘no content available.’ (That’s normal).

See if your pc sharing settings need resetting. The thing that is most likely to have changed is folder permissions. Very easy to correct. Right-click the folders you were sharing, select ‘properties’ and under the ‘security’ tab see that sharing permissions there are set to ‘all.’ Often while you’re there at the ‘sharing’ tab to do this, Windows will begin resetting sharing itself (of its own accord) making sharing available again, simply for your having navigated to it!

You may find, as you play about, that Windows will shut down sharing of its own volition, if so, it’s good. It means you’re nearly home and dry. You simply need to click to turn streaming back on, WDTV will have all files present, with none absent and none duplicated and no redundant deleted files.

Where I can’t be as precise as I would like to be, is when I say that you will need to ‘play around’ with the regular sharing settings, both on WDTV and your pc – until Windows offers up this “Turn on streaming” option box of its own accord (meaning of course by implication, that of its own accord, it has turned it off). Why Windows itself has to do this of its own accord, rather than you doing it, I simply do not know.

Sometimes you see is Windows offering some movement on its own, namely (in ‘Netwok and Sharing) the message “please wait, sharing is taking place” Which is another route, and a good sign you’re close to solving everything.

Sorry I don’t have this all nailed down precisely as of yet, but as no one here has found any other solution that works when this problem is endemic and cannot be cured with WDTV resets, or turning streaming off and back on, etc. I hope more people try this, so that trial and error, between us, can be whittled down to fewer steps.

Right unsure. We’re not using windows in this household, its now all Mac as of a few years ago, all devices.
All the files mentioned do not appear when searching from my Mac, nor when I show any hidden files - the only thing showing these files/folders is the WDTV.

The link you posted doesnt seem to be working either, but thanks for your help anyway.

Okay, Mac eh? (Thanks for letting me know the link wasn’t working anyway, I’ve now corrected it).