Timeline for Servers to be back

I see the servers are down? Is there any timeline to this coming back I can’t find anything anywhere.

I’m having a panic attack because I can’t even plug the my cloud home drive to my mac and access that way because it asks for my registered user password and none of my passwords work and the public folder on guest is empty.

Am I screwed? I’m


It’s temporarily down

Status is here: https://status.mycloud.com/

Thought initially the disk was kaput or something, rebooted it 2 times but still the same.

Same symptoms as you, no login possible because it’s cloud/authentication is fully down.

WD discovery is not able to connect to drive too

My data is hostage to a service marked as EOL (WD discovery ends in June 2023).

I think it’s time to get a new solution…


That is why enabling local access in the new firmware is important as it allows LOCAL access without authentication via internet ONCE it has been activated as described

For many HOME users, it is just a matter of installing a free mesh VPN such as Tailscale which allows REMOTE access even without WD servers. It is just a matter of learning a few things.

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I tried following those instructions to no success. Is it because everything’s down?

It is not possible to authenticate and enable LOCAL access when the WD authentication servers are down. Meanwhile, the Tailscale VPN network is fully operational:

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I may look into tailscale, when this all comes back.

I’m not exactly super computer savvy

So pardon if this is a dumb question. But are my files actually on the white box or are they all on WD servers?

Not a dumb question. Most HOME users mistakenly think somehow WD has a copy of their photos but that is not the case. Why would WD provide a duplicate backup of many terabytes for free? There is a paid optional service called Elephant Drive in the ‘Do More’ settings to do that.

WDC servers are there to authenticate and relay internet traffic so that the users with correct authentication can get access to their files locally or remotely. Once the optional ‘LOCAL ACCESS’ is authenticated and enabled, there is no longer any remote WDC authentication required for each file access locally, but authentication is still required remotely. This ‘local access’ functionality was not available prior to firmware 8.12. Tailscale which is a totally separate and independent service from WD, should a HOME user decide to install it, has its own authentication and relay servers.


My Cloud Home and My Cloud OS 5 Service Outage - Announcements & Discussions / News & Announcements - WD Community

Hello, i have the “local access” enabled. I can access my files via computer but is there a way to access my files via local access on iPhone without MyCloud Home app (the app access through servers only)

Yes there is.
Open the app “File” on iOS.

Tap the three dots in the right upper corner.

Select “connect to server”.

Insert the ip address of your MyCloud Home and tap “connect”.

Select registered user and insert your local username and password and tap “next”.

Select the folder you want to browse.


Simple? Not simple!!! You are joking right???
I need professional help to do this, it’ll cost me more than the WD drive. I need access now, immediately - remotely. If I have to go home to where the server is located to access the data, it’s just disastrous… My iPhone app worked fine yesterday, now… nope

I agree it is disgraceful for a company of this size, selling millions of these devices and with so very little resilience/redundancy built in. I have made my feelings known to WD, but (unsurprisingly) no response at all. In fact WD are barely acknowledging this disaster, let alone communicating about it.
The first I knew was when my IOS app wouldn’t log in this morning. I did a bit of digging around and finally found the ‘server down’ notice, next update tomorrow, but with no details or timeline etc. Fortunately, a few months ago I set up local access to my files, enabling me to now access my Duo on my local network through my router, but this is absolutely no use for anyone who needs remote access now. I also recently discovered that if you find yourself in a position when you cannot access My Cloud via a network, it is almost impossible to retrieve your files from the HDD because they are all encrypted in a unique WD way. WD gives no help in getting files back in this situation, but just says to send off your device for data recovery -like we can all do this. All I can say is I will never buy another WD product again. Right now I am backing up my Duo via my local network onto a number of USB memory sticks as I have zero trust in WD caring to put things right or being able to recover files if things go wrong. It’s absolutely insane that I have to back up 4TB of files, from a device that was supposed to be my backup device. RIP WD.


Do you have a video on how to set this up? Would appreciate it

Like everything in life, you start one step at the time. If you know to install WD Discovery, you can install Tailscale on the desktop OS.

Tailscale quickstart

Welcome! Follow the steps below to create your own private Tailscale network.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Sign up for a Tailscale account. Get started with a free personal plan or trial for an organizational plan.

Tailscale requires a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider, so you’ll need a Google, Microsoft, GitHub, Okta, OneLogin, or other supported SSO identity provider account to begin.

Step 2: Add a machine to your network

Tailscale helps you connect your devices together. For that to be possible, Tailscale needs to run on your device.

Tailscale works seamlessly with Linux, Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, Synology, and more. Download Tailscale and log in on the device.

Step 3: Add another machine to your network

The magic of Tailscale happens when it’s installed on multiple devices. Add more of your devices and share Tailscale with your peers to grow your private network.

Add more machines to your network by repeating step 2 or by inviting others to join your network.

Congratulations! You just created your own private Tailscale network!

This Tailscale subnet router setup video is as good as any.

I’ll come back once I’ve completed my IT networking degree in subnets, IP addresses, routing etc…

Easy to set up, easy to pay for, plug and play… Easy to install Tailscale – sort-of, no idea what it does. Have PC, have router, have internet, “had” backup/cloud drive until today. Need data on it. Can’t access it… Cancelled job tomorrow…

Tailscale is no more difficult to install than WD Discovery for the desktop. The Tailscale free software subnet router is no more difficult to setup than a physical router. When a HOME user got into having a router and a NAS or personal cloud storage hardware, it is implicit that they are going to have to know something like an ip address or a subnet (simply a sub network of 255 addresses).

Home users who are not willing to put up with this relatively simple level of complexity should just stick with one of the big cloud service providers and pay them what they charge and accept the lack of privacy associated with their services.

Can you do this installation while WD server is down? Or would i have to wait?

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Its really very bad experience.
I have very important data which I need to access on fly and that is not available.
We must take serious action on WD.

Why to sell such products which you simply can’t maintain.
Its a serious offence in Europe due to non-availability of data.


Any idea how to use the data locally.

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