Time Machine couldn't backup to My Passport for Mac

I get this message every time Time Machine tries to back up my drive. Can’t find anything to help me. I upgraded to Mojave last month which is about the time this problem started. Can anybody help. Thanks.

Hi. Mine too. See my message of Jan 7th. Are you getting the Read-Only message? It seems like the My Passport drive starts up as read-only but if I unmount and mount the drive again in Disk Utility, it will then work - till I reboot the Mac again. I still don’t have a definitive answer as to why this happens but I have this workaround, though it’s far from ideal.

Thanks. I’ll try that. I am not very tech savvy so I’m usually in trouble when something goes wrong.

Hi, I’ve the same problem on a Mac mini. Now it’s running Mojave BUT the problem existed on the Mini before that, on High Sierra. I’ve tried replacing the cables but that makes no difference and following a discussion here in April last year I raised a ticket on Support. No response from their ‘wonderful’ team.

It’s a WD issue and for some reason they have no interest in helping us.

Not my idea of good customer support and it simply means that when I buy new external drives next month Western Digital will not be considered!